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10 tips for recruiting


Recruiting & employer branding

Nothing feels better than to recruit a person that becomes prosperous at their work and fits perfectly in the workplace culture. But recruiting is tricky. Read our 10 tips on how to recruit better, and hopefully you'll get some inspiration for your future successful recruitments!

1. Always recruit

Imagine this. Your rival’s best seller comes to your career site and likes what she sees. She decides she wants to work with you. But, oh - there are no available job positions. And you have no place for open applications at your website! In a second you have lost a great application.

To be able to receive open application is a necessity. You are not promising anything, but you are showing that you take recruiting seriously and that you’re always open to great candidates. And hey - having a candidate pool ready when you want to recruit is not half bad.

2. Make hiring a team effort!

Developers know developers, sellers know sellers. When hiring as a team, all your co-workers expertise within their fields will come to use. They will feel more involved with the company, and will be able to voice their opinions early on. This way you will reduce the possibility of bad matches at the workplace.

When giving your co-workers the opportunity to recommend other people your candidate pool will increase. Win-win for you and your co-workers!

3. Strive to be the best employer

There is nothing more trustworthy than an employee’s feelings about his workplace. If your employees are happy at their workplace, they will talk about it, and it will show.

Do everything you can to be a great employer - and recruiting will be easy. In this day and age, salary is not the most important thing for employees. Workplace culture, work-life balance, motivation, involvement, are all things that affect the employee’s feelings for its workplace.

4. Make your efforts count

Transparency is key. As said above, your employees’ happiness in the workplace will show. When you make your employees happy, show it! Did you have an after work this Friday? It should be on your company’s Instagram, Facebook, you name it. Did you work out together last week? Post a picture of it! All those things are perks that need to be seen. Candidates are looking for signs of how it is to work with you, and all that are signs of a great workplace.

5. Show off your employees

Many recruiters and human resources divisions are scared of showing their co-workers. They feel that this creates a smorgasbord for headhunters to just pick and contact your co-workers. But the thing is - if your co-workers are happy where they are, they will stay with you. Otherwise, they are gonna leave anyway. With sites as LinkedIn and Facebook, you can already see where people work. So why not stay ahead of those headhunters out there and show your employees on your web page?

Your employees will feel that you are proud of them, and candidates will see the real people behind your company logo. And to be honest, don’t you just hate those stock photos of models in suits smiling? It’s time to get real!

6. Keep track of students

Having a close relationship with the best school in town is always a good idea. If you come to events and show students that you are a great employer, not only will they love you. Your brand will also get extra exposure, which your marketing department is going to love.

Within a few years, those students will have graduated and be eager and excited to go into the real world and work. Who will they apply to then? Of course - the cool company who has been in their surroundings for years.

7. Go mobile!

Mobile, mobile, mobile. It is crucial these days to be mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t mobile, your result will no longer come up at the top on mobile Google searches. Google wanted to make the mobile experience better for their users, and this was their solution. So - now is the time to become mobile-friendly.
Statistics show that primarily passive candidates that aren’t necessarily job hunting are applying via mobile. And those are candidates you don’t want to miss!

8. Write an amazing job ad

Many recruiters do the same mistake - writing a job ad that is simply a specification of requirements. That is the easiest trap to fall into. You want to be transparent and write exactly what the job demands of the candidate and what is required of her. But the thing is - you have to start writing like a marketer instead of a recruiter.

You have to sell the idea of your workplace. Without exaggeration of course, because nothing is worse than failed expectations. Try to be as honest as possible, but still letting the candidate know about your after works, your lunches together on Wednesdays, etc. Write what you have to offer the candidate, instead of just writing what you need. Make the candidate want to drop everything just to come work with you.

9. Conduct great interviews

Interviews are not only made for you to scrutinize a candidate. The candidate is judging you as well. As intimidating as that may sound, you can use that to your advantage. Chances are this person sitting in front of you is going to talk about this interview with her friends, think of this interview every time she sees your logo and probably form a life-long opinion of your company depending on how you treat her under these crucial 30 something minutes.

Even if you feel right away that this person is wrong for your company, treat the candidate as the most important person in the world. If every single person that leaves your office feels that this is a great workplace, it will eventually show and people will know about it. When you manage to create a buzz about your amazing workplace and of how nice the people working there are, candidates will apply without you even working for it. Amazing, right?

10. Remember to reject

People can actually be fine with being rejected for their dream job, as long as they feel seen and that you haven't wasted their time. Keep being as nice as you can, and always let them know as soon as you can if they haven't gotten the job. If the person wants to know why, answer them quickly and honestly. Who knows, maybe that same person will develop those skills you think she lacked, and return to you within a couple of years.

Suzan Dil

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