Improved tagging

Tagging candidates is a flexible way of organizing your work. You can use tags to categorize candidate skills, to implement your own workflows, or to assign candidates to a specific hiring team member. It’s really up to you, but regardless of how you use tags it’s important to be consistent with how you name your tags.

If you use different names of similar tags across your organisation, using tags can actually be counterproductive.

The solution

To solve this issue we have launched two improvements to the tagging feature. First of all we will now display your most common tags. Simply click one of the tags to add it to the candidate.

Secondly we also search across all your previously used tags when typing in the tags field to present matching tags. This will be a great help in choosing consistent tags across all your candidates.

Tag your blog posts

The improved tagging features are available for tagging blog posts as well. Tagging blog posts is a great way of categorizing your posts and letting readers easily find all posts for a specific tag. Try and tag your posts with department, events (went on a team trip or conference?), or other themes of the post.

We hope you like the improvements, and as always drop us an email if you have any questions!

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