Launching stats for your career site

Did you know that studies shows that the career section is the third most visited section on a corporate website? Your career pages are a fantastic opportunity to tell job seekers, employees, partners, and customers about your company, your culture, and team.

But, truth be told, do you really know that much about your visitors? And how you can use that information to improve your recruiting efforts?

Do you know where your visitors come from? Who applies for a job, and the difference in quality of the applications depending on source?

At least we didn’t. So we decided to change that.

Introducing: The stats dashboard

To get a birds eye view of your career page we built a new stats dashboard. It shows the most important key metrics, and how they compare to the previous period.

Traffic sources

Traffic sources shows you all visits broken down by type.

  • Search engines - Visits from a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Referral - Visits from other domains (sites)
  • Direct - Visitors that came from a bookmark, email, or navigated to the career site URL directly in the browser.

Under “Most common referrals” we show you a list of all sites that sent visitors to you, and how many of them applied for a job. We recommend going through this list once in a while to find sites that perform extraordinary, or links that you may not be aware of sending traffic to your career site.

Career site sections

This is where we look at the different parts of your career site. What percentage of visits look at your employees, jobs, and blog?

In the table we look closer at your jobs, to see which has attracted most attention.

Now you are probably thinking (and if you don’t, pretend, because this is the good stuff), “I would like to break this down by job opening!”. Well, continue reading…

Stats for each job opening

On job pages we show you stats at-a-glance for visits, shares and applications. For each application we show the source of the application (like LinkedIn, Facebook or Arbetsförmedlingen).

Job stats dashboard

The page for job stats is similar to the stat overview, but adds some additional information about the applications.

Top converting sites

This gives you a breakdown of which sites generates most applications, and the quality of the applications. Based on the rating of every application we show you an average score for each site.

We hope you appreciate this information as much as we do! Presenting web analytics/stats in a understandable and actionable manner is a tough challenge, but we think this is a great start! We will continue improving our stats going forward, and would love to hear your feedback!

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