13 recruiting hacks to grow your talent pool

We’ve gathered 13 recruiting hacks for you to adopt today to help you boost the number of quality applications in your pipe and help your team grow.

Many companies, big or small, struggle with attracting enough of the right candidates to positions they are looking to fill. We’ve gathered 13 recruiting hacks for you to adopt today to help you boost the number of quality applications in your pipe and help your team grow.

1. Put a word limit on your cover letter and shorten the application form.

More in-demand people will apply since it doesn’t eat up as much of their time, and you’ll save time from reading through long-winded cover letters. Win-win.

2. Create call-to-actions that work.

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Speaking of the actual application, getting candidates to take action when viewing your job ad is vital in order to boost your pipe. If you are using an ATS, see if you can customise the ”Call to Action” button. Saying something like “Apply now,” ”Apply without CV,” or ”Apply in 30 seconds” lowers the threshold – the intimidation of applying for a job. The impact of your copy goes a long way  – it can result in an increase of 300-400% in applications.

3. Meet up with referrals for a coffee.

The more people you meet, the stronger the connections you have. When you receive a referral from a colleague for a job, grab a coffee with him/her ☕️ Meeting them makes it a lot easier to discern a person’s skill-set and goals and makes it easier to find opportunities that match, now or in the future.

4. Take action on every candidate you view.

Don’t browse through candidates like you do when you’re online shopping. Look through applications with the sole purpose of taking action: ping your colleague to take a look, move them to the next step, schedule a meeting, or reject them. There’s no use in waiting around – candidates are on the move and recruitment is all about timing. What’s more? Taking action can only boost your employer brand.

5. Get your recruiters to test the process themselves and write down three hiccups on the way.

Yes, that means getting your recruiters to fill out the application. Even better, have them apply on their phones. That way, you know how mobile-friendly your recruitment is and what to improve. Then, create a fix for them, right off the bat.


6. But also, don’t leave recruitment to recruiters alone.

Involve your team in the recruitment process, from proofreading job ads to being a part of interviews. The best recruiter for an engineer is an engineer, and the same goes for many positions. They know what subtleties to keep an eye out for and know the lingo. They may even know the right person to hire. Let them take time from their daily work to focus on recruiting for their teams.

7. Let email signatures do the work for you.

Let’s say you’re a team of 100 people who each send 10 emails a day. That is 1,000 contact points a day and adds up 300,000 a year! Have your employees add something simple like a“we’re hiring” statement in their email signatures that links to your career site. Or, add a “join our journey” link in your support emails. Be creative and think outside the box. Adopt the mindset that everyone who comes in contact with your company knows you’re recruiting. 

8. Host a recruiting “hackathon” at your office.

A fun way to include other staff members in your recruitment is to host a recruiting “hackathon.”When you’re growing quickly, your best resources are those you’re already growing with. Provide drinks and snacks for your colleagues, gather them together for an hour in the afternoon, and get them to reach out to people in their network that could be a potential fit for the positions you have open. To save time, write an email template for the specific positions you have open before you gather. Then, when the event starts, make those templates available for your employees to send and display the open positions on the board/wall for everyone to see. Reward the employee that sends out the most emails to their network. 


9. Treat candidates for lunch.

People can’t say no to a free lunch. Even developers. Get candidates comfortable and listen to them before pitching the opportunity. Knowing you’re investing in them before they work at your company makes them more open to considering what’s on the table. Plus, the company cost for wrong hires far outweighs the cost of lunches with promising talent.

10. Use an automated calendar tool.

These keep you in check and save you time. Smart calendars sync with your regular calendar. So, when you send times for interviews, phone calls, or coffee dates, the calendar only recommends open time slots in your calendar. Some ATS’ also have smart calendars built into their products, like Teamtailor. If not, Calendly and Doodle are popular options.

11. Keep your relationships alive.

Maybe you’ve got into touch with or interviewed candidates that you haven’t hired, for one reason or another. They’ve shown interest in your company before, and your job is to keep it that way! Stay in touch with them. It can be as simple as sending an email. Use systems like Mailchimp or Hubspot to nurture this group of talent. Show you care by keeping them updated. 

12. Post your jobs on social media.

This may be old news, but that doesn’t take away from its importance. Choose a channel where your target audience is most active. Or, post in all of them. It so happens that one of our clients advertised their job and pushed their view count to over 41,000 views. The secret? They advertised their job on Snapchat. So, if you get pushback that paid ads should only be used for sales-driving activities, hold your ground. Convince them that building a great team matters for your company’s overall happiness and growth.

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13. Create a career site that attracts applicants.

Make sure your career site is full of top content. This is the most important source of information for candidates. Try to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. Instead of thinking about what you want to say, think about what they want to hear. Then, ask three or four colleagues if they think the career site accurately reflects your workplace. Ask them to be honest. If it’s too happy or serious or cheesy, they need to voice it. 

Successful recruitment means attracting a big pool of talent and nurturing the relationships you have with people you meet. This is made easier through automating tasks, like using a smart calendar or relationship management tool. But in the end, recruiting is about making candidates feel appreciated and going the extra mile.

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