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3 ways AI can benefit both candidates and recruiters in 2020

Read 3 reasons why using AI within recruitment processes can benefit both candidates and recruiters in 2020, including chatbots and employer branding.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when computers perform tasks that are usually carried out by humans. Like any major technological development, AI is both hated and loved. There are people who believe that AI will make many jobs obsolete by eliminating the need for humans to perform certain day-to-day tasks. Other’s argue that AI won’t eliminate jobs but instead will change the kind of jobs available.

Regardless of where you stand, AI can remove the need for administrative tasks, allowing companies and employees to focus their efforts on roles that will have a bigger impact.

How will AI affect recruitment? 

At Teamtailor, we’re massive advocates of the importance of a positive candidate experience in any recruitment process. We’ve written on the subject quite a lot, and believe a positive candidate experience will save recruiters time, help recruiters attract the best talent and ensure candidates have a positive impression of a company. With 40% of enterprises already using AI in HR, it’s well on it’s way to becoming an integral part of recruitment.

But how can candidates and recruiters both benefit from AI? Here we discuss 3 ways:

1. Recruitment chatbots can power conversations:

Recruitment chatbots are designed to mimic human conversational abilities during the recruitment process. A chatbot uses AI technology to understand a person’s message and know how to respond.

AI is well on it’s way to becoming an integral part of companies’ recruitment processes

For recruiters, chatbots can answer questions from potential applicants who are engaging with your career site. They’re also great for top-of-funnel recruitment tasks such as candidate pre-qualification and interview scheduling. Industry estimates predict that a chatbot can automate up to 80% of top-of-funnel recruiting activities.

Chatbots can be used by candidates to ask a wide range of questions about jobs or to address any primary concerns. With instance answers, candidates don’t have to wait for hiring teams to get back to them. Chatbots also have the ability to learn and evolve with the more data they acquire. This results in great efficiency in addressing candidates’ needs and concerns.   

2. Inclusive and unbiased recruitment:

AI can bring an unbiased and more inclusive approach to recruitment. Recruitment is often based on feelings, which can impact a recruiter’s judgment and doesn’t always find you the best candidate. What AI can bring to the table is the ability to recognize what type of candidate would fit the team, what skills your team lacks and suggest how good a fit a candidate is for a certain position. 

Untitled-design-5-1Many studies and surveys have proven how diverse and inclusive workplaces perform better

For candidates, it goes without saying that unbiased recruitment is full of benefits. AI can be used to recognize qualities that actually matter e.g. a candidate’s ability to do the job at hand. This way, your company is making fairer and faster hiring decisions, while creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Many studies have shown how diverse and inclusive workplaces perform better.

3. Better employer branding:

Building an attractive employer brand is crucial for any organization looking to recruit the best talent. By using AI tools, you’ll be able to respond to candidates in a timely manner, reach the right talent, and personalize to candidates at all stages of the recruitment process. This can create a positive experience that will be viewed highly by candidates. Your employer brand can also be positively impacted by what candidates are saying. 

Make 2020 the year that you start looking at your AI options, particularly in relation to your ATS or recruitment marketing platform

78% of candidates believing that candidate experience is an indicator of how a company values its people. Make 2020 the year that you start looking at your AI options. You don’t have to go full-blown AI, but consider how you can best utilize chatbots, inclusive hiring and how AI can positively impact your employer branding. This will set you down a path that will benefit both companies and candidates. 

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