4 ways to build an attractive employer brand

Read four ways to build an attractive employer brand. Create an attractive employer brand in order to attract and retrain the best candidates.

Candidates are much like customers when it comes to recruitment, but instead of selling your product, you’re selling your workplace. Now that candidates have more power than ever before, your employer brand needs to be as strong as possible.

According to a 2019 report by Employer Branding Insights, 95% of candidates admitted that a company’s reputation is important to them. 68% said they would consider applying for a vacancy if it was labelled as a ‘unique opportunity,’ even if they’re not actively looking. 


Strong employer brand = strong credibility

Your organisation should be realising the importance of promoting itself as an attractive place to work, particularly in light of candidates’ increased access to digital channels.

Your employer brand is the way in which you differentiate yourselves in order to recruit and retain the right people. Although it’s all very well throwing money at promoting your brand, the key to obtaining a credible employer brand is how you broadcast your organisation.

“The key to obtaining a credible employer brand is how you broadcast your organisation”

Many companies will adopt the cliché approach of uploading a picture of a pool table in their office on social media and think it’s enough to attract the top candidates. Sounds cool, but it’s really not enough to create a credible employer brand. 

Build an attractive employer brand in the following 4 ways:

1. Keep it personal – get back to candidates

Your employer brand needs to be personal. Candidates thrive on personal contact and will remember the way you treat them. Implementing a policy of responding to candidates within a certain time frame may seem like a small change, but will be vital in order to create a positive brand experience for candidates.

brooke-cagle-uHVRvDr7pg-unsplash-1024x683Candidates thrive on personal contact and will remember the way you treat them

Put yourself in their shoes. An answer is always appreciated, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative news. Be timely – a response a month later is as bad as no response at all.

2. Employee recognition – the real kind

Businesses often fail to acknowledge their employees’ achievements, or struggle to know the best way to acknowledge effort and success.

Invest continuously in your employees. The benefits are immeasurable – they’ll generate a healthy and happy work culture. Your employees are the driving force behind your organisation and collectively represent the face of your brand. So, if they’re happy, your overall employer brand is stronger as a whole.

“Invest continuously in your employees – the benefits are immeasurable”

Many companies are successful in attracting and hiring the best talent, but often fail in retaining talent. By praising the efforts of your staff, you’re more likely to keep them motivated and retained, which is crucial in keeping your employer brand attractive. 

3. Focus on conveying your USP

What makes your organisation different from your competitors? Just like you have a USP for your product/service, you need to establish a USP for your employer brand. Do you offer unique benefits? Is there a tradition in your organisation that gets everyone excited? Maybe you focus on personal growth or offer a unique opportunity to make an impact. Whatever it is, highlight your best side.

KRY’s “This is a unique journey, care to join?” and Tori’s “Do you want to be part of Tori’s amazing team?” career pages both focus on the candidate from the offset. They also feature other candidate centric content, giving candidates the impression that they can make a real impact in the organisations. 

4. Review your brand positioning

It’s important to match the position of your employee brand to your organisation’s values, culture, and goals. This could mean encouraging regular collaboration between marketing and HR departments in order to connect the company and employer brand. Although company and employer brands have different purposes and audiences, it is important that your messaging and tone of voice is consistent across all communication channels.

Think outside the box

Employer branding is constantly evolving and this puts even more pressure on businesses to capture the attention of candidates. 

So, dare to think outside the box and create your own attractive employer brand story. Then, go and tell it. It will pay off. 

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