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Product updates

Send job offers to candidates

Collaborate with your team to create jobs offers and send them to candidates to review and accept it. Add templates to work smarter and control who...

Product updates

Meetings 🎉

The new Meetings flow contains smart features, a new calendar overview, sequential meetings and more. Booking interviews with candidates has never...

Product updates

Show and share your highlights 🎉

We have a gift for you 🥰 Take a look at your results from this year, share it and celebrate with your team.

Product updates

Generate QR codes for job ads

Create QR codes and posters for your job ads to increase traffic from candidates.

Product updates

New and improved look 🎉

This update improves your experience when using Teamtailor. We also have a brand new look — to make it easier for you to focus on what's important.

Product updates

Show more information with custom fields

Our latest update gives you the possibility to create custom fields for jobs and share information internally or externally.

Product updates

Analytics: Brand new reports

New report for jobs and employees, and a new feature to tailor your reports so that you and your team always can keep track of what's important to...

Product updates

New employee dashboard

The new dashboard introduces new functionality and a new design that encourages your employees to engage in your recruitment and get closer to the...

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