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New: Install Teamtailor on your computer

By Suzan Dil January 27, 2020

How cool does that look? 😍You can now use Teamtailor as an app on your computer. This will..

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New: Nurture the relationship with your candidates

By Suzan Dil January 20, 2020

Today we’re launching our latest feature called Nurture β€“ the best way to keep your..

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See and share your recruitment highlights from 2019 πŸŽ‰

By Suzan Dil December 18, 2019

We're getting closer to the end of the year, and this is the time to take a step back and take a..

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Add regions to your locations 🌎

By Suzan Dil December 12, 2019

Our latest feature makes it possible for you to add regions to your locations πŸš€ Categorize them..

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New: Convert passive candidates with Lead Pages

By Suzan Dil April 9, 2019

Let’s face it. Job ads are not always the best way to get the attention from some people. Some..

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New: Smart Schedule just got even smarter πŸš€

By Suzan Dil February 15, 2019

We're now presenting a lot of new updates to our Smart Schedule πŸŽ‰

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New: Measure your candidate experience with NPS

By Suzan Dil February 12, 2019

Get to know what your candidates think of your recruitment process and get valuable feedback...

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Create anything you want for your pages with the Custom Block

By Suzan Dil January 14, 2019

The sky is the limit with this one πŸš€ We have now created a custom block for you, which means..

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New: Pitch your job ads with the brand new cover πŸš€

By Suzan Dil December 11, 2018

Your job ads are what's most important to us, and we wanted to make the look and feel of them..

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All new design blocks for your Teamtailor sites

By Suzan Dil November 6, 2018

We want to give you the possibility to create great looking sites and pages without any hassle...

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New: Show your company values to your candidates

By Suzan Dil November 5, 2018

As it is the candidate's market, they are now looking further than to the job ad and role they..

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