On 17th November we gathered some of London's top HR professionals for an insightful breakfast networking event, together with our friends at Tempo.

We invited a panel of thought leaders including Matthew Monet, Country Lead and Head of Expansion at Deel, Rebecca Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder at VenueScanner, and ​​Sami Bouremoum, CEO and Co-Founder at Hofy, to share their insights into the world of hybrid working. Below are the 4 key things we learnt:
Onboarding in the office
Our panel all agreed that there are multiple challenges associated with trying to complete a new employee’s onboarding entirely remotely. The most effective method when introducing a new employee to your company and to show them the ropes is to get them into the office!It’s also important that more experienced and seasoned staff members are on hand to conduct onboarding for new recruits. Rebecca, CEO at Venuescanner, discussed how they have implemented a new policy where new employees come into the office 5 days a week for at least the first month once they’ve joined to ensure they get a thorough and efficient onboarding experience.
The decline of creativity and innovation? 
While many noticed an increase in productivity from a working from home model, it has also seen a decrease in many companies’ ability to be agile and innovative. More creative ideas that were often the result of spontaneous office conversations and brainstorming sessions have become less commonplace. Many businesses are beginning to combat this issue by organising regular sessions for teams to get together in an informal setting to bounce ideas around and encourage some creativity. (As well as providing a great opportunity to socialise remotely!).
Investing in tools for remote work
In this new climate of hybrid work, it’s essential that employees are given all the tools and technology they need to be able to work efficiently outside of the office. Teams need to be able to seamlessly collaborate and communicate wherever they might be working. Providing online learning and development opportunities and platforms for idea sharing can be a great way to keep employees engaged.

It's a big commitment
As Sami, CEO and Co-Founder at Hofy remarked, attempting to work with an ambiguous or ill-thought-out hybrid working solution simply won’t work. Regardless of the model your company chooses to adopt, you need to commit to it wholeheartedly. Going fully hybrid can be incredibly difficult to achieve successfully, so it’s crucial that businesses consider all the finer details and ensure that all the proper frameworks have been put into place.Your people are your most valuable assets and it’s also therefore so important to listen to your employees’ preferences and needs and evolve and adapt as you grow!
A big thank you to everyone that showed up, we had a great morning and hope you did too!

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