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Candidate Experience: Our Survey Says…

Understanding the candidate experience can be difficult – a simple survey can be a great way to get some valuable feedback and improve your processes!

Even with all the best intentions, it can sometimes be difficult to fully understand the candidate experience from an employer perspective. Your recruitment process may seem smooth and efficient from where you’re sitting, but clunky and frustrating to those actually applying for your roles. As with most good solutions, this one is simpler than you might think – just ask!

What is candidate experience?

When we talk about candidate experience, we mean the interactions a candidate has with your company during their recruitment experience. From venturing onto your career page, to having an interview scheduled and either being offered the role or being rejected. It’s all part of it. But how can you know definitively if your candidates are having a positive experience?

It’s common practice for rejected candidates to ask for feedback on why they were unsuccessful for a role. Naturally, applicants are keen to understand shortcomings and focus on areas for improvement. However, it is surprisingly far less common for companies to return the favour and ask how THEY did. Sending a short survey to a candidate (either unsuccessful or successful) can provide vital feedback that will only stand to improve your recruitment process in the long term.

Anonymity is key

 Sending a survey to candidates at the end of their recruitment journey is a great way to get some anonymous (and honest!) feedback. Candidates will often be far less willing to give genuine feedback and be critical when asked to put their name to something. For example, if you’re asking a successful candidate, they may want to avoid highlighting any shortcomings to their new employer. Conversely, a rejected candidate may be concerned about damaging their prospects of applying for future jobs. Offering anonymity makes it far more likely that the feedback you receive is constructive and will demonstrate to candidates that you’re invested in their experience.


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Areas for improvement

When it comes to discovering areas in which you can improve, candidate surveys can be a goldmine! Some very valuable insights can come to light when this information is combined with your own recruitment data and the metrics you keep track of on a regular basis.

For instance, it may be that you’ve noticed your company is seeing a particularly high drop-off rate for applicants at a certain stage in the recruitment process. However, you’re confused as to why this is exactly and what you can do to change it. After consulting with answers gathered from your candidate surveys it may become clear that you have too many interview stages, or your list of qualifying questions is too long. Perhaps it’s not easy to apply for your roles on mobile devices. These issues can often seem very obvious with hindsight, but without direct candidate input, they can go undiscovered for long periods of time.


Word travels fast…

Directly asking candidates for their feedback is also a fantastic way to build your employer brand. Not only does it highlight to candidates that you value their opinion, but also that you are dedicated to improving your process and ultimately their experience. Candidates, whether successful or not, remember these small (but important) details and are more likely to recommend your company to other applicants in the future.


Teamtailor recently launched an exciting new feature which enables you to send anonymised surveys to your candidates and ask for feedback! You can create your own question forms and send them automatically using automated triggers 🎉 Find out more about our candidate surveys here.

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