Culture comes first!

We recently ran a poll and asked our network what they deemed to be most important to showcase to candidates. Culture was the overwhelming favourite!

Deciding how to prioritise content on your career site and which aspects to focus on is easier said than done. You don’t want to bore candidates with too much information. But equally you don’t want to make your site too minimalistic and uninspiring.

We recently ran a poll on LinkedIn and asked our network of HR professionals and recruitment specialists what they deemed to be most important to showcase to candidates. The voting options available were salary, culture, perks and benefits and company vision. The verdict? Culture was the overwhelming favourite (64%)! 🎉


Striking a balance ⚖️

Naturally, you would expect to highlight all of these aspects on a career site, with varying emphasis. However, it’s encouraging (if perhaps not surprising) to see culture coming out on top. There have been numerous studies that suggest culture is arguably the primary consideration for candidates when applying for jobs – especially among millennials and Gen Z applicants.

It’s important to understand your ideal candidate audience and what they’re looking for when trying to attract the best talent. You know better than anyone what your company stands for – so make sure this is reflected in your career site. Likewise, candidates want to know they’ll be working with like-minded people in an environment that will help them to thrive.

It ain’t about the price tag 🤑

Of course, salary and perks are still very important, but candidates are not simply looking to land a job with the highest bidder. Additional perks and benefits such as Friday drinks and company holidays have become very popular in recent years, and undoubtedly make a big difference to employees. But they also help to define and shape your company culture.  

Culture-centric recruitment 👫

Unsurprisingly, companies are increasingly beginning to adopt this culture-centric approach to their recruitment strategies. Ensuring your company mission and culture shine through on your career page will make a great first impression to candidates. It will also help them to decide if you’re a good fit for them. Think of it like dating – you want to find that special someone who has the personality and attributes to match the values and beliefs of your business.

Retention and engagement 🤝

In the long term, hiring based on cultural fit will make it more likely that employees stick around, increasing your retention rates. It also stands to reason that their performance and engagement will be higher if they feel they are part of a common goal.

The main takeaway from our poll is that all of these aspects are important when creating an attractive career site. None should be neglected outright. However, as recruiters are increasingly realising, culture is the first thing the majority of candidates will look for when considering an application. So, be sure it’s plain to see and take pride in your culture!

To find out more about creating a standout career site that highlights your culture, click here

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