Do you have what it takes to become an HR expert?

What really makes a HR expert? Here are four ways to become the HR expert and leader that you want to be including ways to inspire and celebrate employees

“Why do you want to work in HR?” The most common answers to this question are usually “I see myself as a people person” or “I like to help others”. Although these answers will get you started in HR, they won’t be enough to help you become an HR expert.

We have become a world of experts in the twenty-first century, but what really makes an HR leader an expert? Here are four ways to become the HR expert you want to be:

1. Inspire your employees 💡

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Your employees are the essence of your company. If this isn’t inspirational enough, then you aren’t inspired yourself! You need to be able to inspire others around you. Having the ability to drive people to perform their best will demonstrate qualities that your employees will aspire to.

You should also take an interest in people’s jobs. Why? Because everybody loves to feel a sense of purpose! 

Studies have shown that employee engagement has a very real impact on business success. Companies with a highly engaged workforce scored 17% on productivity. Some of the most important things you can do within your organization is to keep your workforce engaged and making them feel valued.

For an individual, feeling that they matter and that their position in the workplace is important really does have a positive impact on the company. By being open and available to others, you make your organization a pleasant place to work at. By being passionate about what you do, you are able to help others to be passionate about what they do.

2. Be positive and celebrate! 🎉

s_6BA647DE94D59CDA55B899053F958A3E4F729AAE4A8E1B5A0082D607DB590D63_1568898416789_allie-smith-35k9Iwl6SeY-unsplashThrough encouraging your workforce and celebrating success, it makes employees feel valued and respected

85% of professionals prefer a simple “thank you” as recognition for their day-to-day (Deloitte)

Positivity can create meaningful and lasting relationships. It is huge on the satisfaction scale and it can come from a wide range of places. 

If a customer expresses appreciation for what an employee has done for them, share this with your employees. Let them know that they’ve done a great job!

Perhaps they’ve done this through securing a new lead or winning a deal – you need to 100% celebrate this! Positivity really does go a long way within a company.  Through encouraging your workforce and celebrating success, it makes them feel amazing and respected.

It is key to recognise achievements. Employees will continue to work harder if their effects are appreciated.

3. Be personal and don’t ignore your peoples_6BA647DE94D59CDA55B899053F958A3E4F729AAE4A8E1B5A0082D607DB590D63_1568896657398_adult-asking-blur-630839

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.” – Julie Bevacqua (CRO of Rise People)

In HR, it’s important to remember that your people are individuals. Gone are the days where workers were just departmental numbers or faceless entities. You will experience and witness a wide-range of personalities with different wants and needs. 

If you want to build a better working environment and better company culture, you really need to ask your people about what they need and what they want. Listen to their words, their concerns, what they like and help them to feel like they matter. Put simply – invest in them.

This can be from offering one-on-one coaching to mentoring programs. These will improve the skill-set of your staff and will give them plenty of reasons to stay with your company long-term. By making a personal investment in their growth, you give individuals the chance to grow themselves.

If you invest in your people, then they will invest in you.

A Salesforce study found that “Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.” 

4. Know your vision


Research shows there is a substantial positive impact to an organization when employees can see how their work contributes to the company’s vision. (Forbes)

To be the best HR expert that you can be, you must understand your own role and never lose sight of your vision, your company’s vision or your employees vision. This is what HR is all about. 

Today’s high-performing operating environments are purpose-driven and team-based. They enable workforce mobility and deliver the best experience to internal workers, aligning modern performance and rewards practices to the right behaviours. 

Naturally, becoming an amazing HR manager takes time and hard work. You’ll find that developing the right environment drives engagement, productivity, and learning.

To become an HR expert, you need to have a vision – having this will help you maintain your strategic focus. Excellent visions are future-focused and aspirational.

Employees will have a hard time taking your vision to heart if they feel the organization is stuck in the past.

“Your vision needs to look at and implement policies and structures that reflect this”

There is an ever-increasing competition for talent and an employee’s career is much more than just a job. Your vision needs to look at and implement policies and structures that reflect this. Employee engagement is becoming increasingly linked with performance management. Engaged employees perform better.

So there we have it, four ways to help you to become an HR expert! It isn’t an easy journey for many people, but with time and effort you’ll be able to make a positive difference to your workplace.

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