Establishing a recruiting team – 8 ways to set yourself up for success

Finding top talent begins by setting up a great team. Read these 8 tips from Teamtailor on how you can guarantee success in your recruiting team

A recruitment process should begin by assembling a fantastic recruiting team. 

The most effective HR and C-Levels Managers view recruitment as a company-wide task rather than solely for HR departments. Their responsibility lies in building, developing and leading a motivated team of recruiters in each department. 

Why recruit as a team?

Today’s best talent leaders require a diverse recruiting team – a mix of talent, skillset, and expertise from all roles and levels. Imagine you’re a rapidly growing sales and business development department. Your team is made up of a diverse set of individuals across several roles such as Head of Sales, Sales Managers, and Business Developers. Why not utilize the expertise of all of these employees when looking for your next hire? Many if not all of this team would have gone through your company’s hiring process. Each employee can offer an insightful perspective on how you should recruit successfully as a team. 

Once you’ve got your team together, here are 8 ways you can set yourselves up for success:

1. Use digital tools for better team collaboration

Setting yourself up for success starts with using the right tools. Are you using an effective Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to keep track of your applicants and where they are in your pipeline? By working as a team in an ATS, the whole team can collaborate more effectively, recruit quicker and provide a better candidate experience. 

2. Measure your team’s performance 

Establish achievable KPIs that a recruiting team can meet. These insights will give you great insight into where your team is performing the best and what they can improve on.

team-recruitment-1024x683Distribute workload evenly, especially if you want your team to stay engaged and motivated

3. Make sure to define roles within your recruiting team 

There should be consensus over who is responsible for what in your team, and matched where possible to people’s skills. For example, have 1 person responsible for getting your job adverts noticed. Have 1 or 2 members who checking for new applicants in your ATS. Have great negotiators present during interviews to showcase your company as the best place to work. 

Don’t forget to distribute the workload evenly amongst the team, especially if you want your team to stay engaged and motivated.

4. Your job adverts need to be great 

Make sure everyone in your team is on-board with what the role actually requires. Constructing the advert as a team is also advantageous – that way you can agree on the responsibilities and requirements of the role together. If you already have team members doing the role you are hiring for, consult them on what they think the role actually entails.

There is often a big disconnect between what a recruiting team asks for and what the job actually entails – don’t be the recruiting team that makes this mistake, otherwise your new hire might not stick around!

You can read Teamtailor’s advice on constructing great job adverts here

5. Conduct consistent interviews

Successful recruiting teams know what questions to ask and how to ask them. Consistency is key – make sure that you’re asking the same questions to all candidates that come to interview. Prepare questions in advance and share them with the whole team to get feedback and consensus on what you’re asking candidates. After interviews, interviewees should share notes with the whole recruiting team to keep everyone informed.

6. Get your recruiting team to ‘sell’ your company

tim-gouw-bwki71ap-y8-unsplashConsistency is key – make sure that you’re asking the same questions to all candidates that come to interview

Recruiting teams need to ooze the same kind of passion as a sale person does. Hiring top talent is competitive, especially as you’re competing with similar companies to hire the best talent. What is it about your company that is better than everyone else? Make sure your recruiting team can confidently talk about what you do, how you do and what your company values are.

7. Have your team to check-in with each other 

Frequent communication among recruiting teams is essential. Make sure your team is checking-in with each other at every stage of the process, whether this is after the first round of CV reviews, after introductory phone calls or after first stage interviews.

8. Keep your recruiting team engaged

You need ultimate buy-in from a recruiting team in order for them to stay engaged with a recruitment process. Engaged teams perform better, so recruiting teams should know what they’re doing, how to do it and why they’re doing it.

Consider setting up ways to award a recruiting team – for example, financial rewards, experience awards e.g. lunch or dinner, or fund career development courses as a reward. 


Setting yourself up for success 

Finding top talent begins by setting up a great recruiting team. By implementing the above 8 points, teams will be properly positioned to deliver a great recruitment process. The recruitment metrics you decide to measure your success is entirely up to you, but we do recommend the importance of using an ATS. 

6 ways Teamtailor can help you recruit successfully as a team: 

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