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Five ways HR Tech boosts Candidate Experience

Long and unclear recruitment processes are a major turn-off for candidates. Thankfully, HR tech provides a lot of opportunities to turn things around. Here are our top tips on how to leverage tech to create a positive candidate experience:

Start treating candidates like customers


This isn’t news. Competition for talent is at all all-time high with unemployment reaching an all-time low in the EU in March 2019. This means meeting candidates where they are by advertising jobs on social media and adjusting hiring processes to suit their needs. When candidates know they’re a priority, you attract them and drive company growth. 

Decide based on data


Recruitment software generates data insights into your hiring and recruitment processes. Employers can measure everything from how long candidates stay in their inbox before action is taken, to which social media channels are resulting in the most valuable applications. This helps your hiring team know where time should be spent as well as practices that need to be scrapped.

Trendy but true – mobile mobile mobile

It’s no surprise that the demand for mobile developers is growing rapidly – the number of mobile phone users is expected to pass 5 billion in 2019. This means more people browse and apply to career opportunities on their phones than ever before. Implement an applicant tracking system that incorporates mobile-friendly application processes and watch talent in your pipe grow.

Scrap your manual workflow

Automate steps in the process to save time and keep candidates happy. For example, send out emails to candidates automatically when you move them to a next step or set up a reminder to take action on candidates that have been in a stage for too long. Recruitment software alleviates the amount of manual work this otherwise takes and helps you deliver on expectations. It turns out, candidates who are not informed about their application are 3.5x less likely to re-apply to the same company. That’s a rapidly shrinking talent pool. 

Make your employer brand pop

Being open about who you are, your workplace culture, and what you offer gives candidates a clearer idea of what they can expect and gets them excited about your company. Testimonies from current employees and clear job descriptions help candidates make more informed decisions and improves the candidate experience.

Talent acquisition boils down to this: happier candidates means happier recruiters. Open recruiters mean open candidates. Like in any other interaction, you attract what you give out. Just think, Newton’s third law of motion, and apply it to talent acquisition.

If you need a refresher: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.– Newton

The same goes for prioritising candidate experience. Put them first, and they’ll be sure to put you first.

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