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Read our report with Oneflow on how to hire, inspire and allow Gen Z to thrive at your workplace. (The're set to represent 25% of the workforce by 2025!)

Generation Z (or simply Gen Z) are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the workforce. Unlike generations before them, they are faced with challenges never seen before – like a global pandemic. In partnership with Oneflow, we have put together a report exploring how best to inspire Gen Zers to apply, thrive and succeed in the professional arena. 

Who qualifies as Gen Z?

The term Gen Z applies to anyone born after 1996. There isn’t a definitive cut off for this generation yet, but most consider it to be somewhere around 2010. Born in the digital age they have never experienced life without the internet. Simply put, if you were to give them a cassette tape, a phone book or a dial phone they’d be completely lost! Considered to be the first truly digital generation, they are accustomed to experiencing almost everything digitally – whether it’s building relationships or retail.

What are Gen Zers like?

The subsequent generation to Millennials, they are often compared to their predecessors (but even more bold!). They are not ones to sit on the sidelines, but tend to be decisive and proactive. They’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and are often looking for creative ways to impact social and macroeconomic issues they care about. Gen Z also appreciate and demand diversity – both in their lives and their workplace.  

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The pandemic’s effect

Naturally, the pandemic has affected everyone over the last two years. However, Gen Z especially encountered some major setbacks to their personal and professional development. Undergoing long periods of isolation from friends and family and having to learn remotely will certainly have impacted on their long term development. Similarly, a declining economy will have placed significant financial stress on them at the start of their burgeoning careers. 

What does the future look like?

While the future is uncertain and difficult to predict, it’s safe to say that Gen Z are poised to make their mark on the workforce! Having overcome a number of challenges already (and with more to come) in their early careers you wouldn’t bet against them going from strength to strength and ultimately shaping the workplaces of the future. 

If you want to learn more about Gen Z, how to hire them, and what will make them successful inside of your organization then download our report!


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