How Aqua Dental grew from 30 to 300 employees

We met with Dajana Houdek, Head of HR and Talent Acquisition at Aqua Dental, to learn about how they use Teamtailor to build out a team of specialists.

screen (1)Aqua Dental is a dental chain that strives to offer Sweden the highest quality dental care with competence and comfort. This is made possible by recruiting the best talent – from dental specialists to administrative staff. Aqua Dental challenges the limits and norms that others take for granted and, in so doing, is an active player in the development of the dental industry.

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We met with Dajana Houdek, Head of HR and Talent Acquisition at Aqua Dental, to learn about the key to their success in building out a competent team of specialists at a fast pace. Dajana focuses on finding coworkers with the same values that Aqua Dental stands for and makes sure employees are happy and want to develop with the company.


“If we want to be the best dental chain in Sweden, it’s important that the dentists and rest of the staff want to be a part of the journey.” – Dajana Houdek

How did you hear of Teamtailor and what was the most important criteria for Aqua Dental in an ATS?

"I read about different tools that seemed relevant for our specific needs and Teamtailor caught my interest pretty quickly. I wanted something that was easy to use, not only for me and others who administer the site but also for our candidates."

How has Aqua Dental’s recruitment process changed since starting with Teamtailor?

"Since starting with Teamtailor, the quality of how Aqua Dental treats candidates has increased and it’s become easier to find relevant candidates because of the simplicity in viewing and filtering candidates."

How has Teamtailor contributed to your high-paced growth?

“Teamtailor creates a smooth recruitment process and a simple overview of candidates which means that everything happens a lot more quickly – what used to take a lot of time from us here at Aqua Dental, like planning processes and manually keeping a list of candidates, now takes almost zero time. Everything is kept and tracked in one place.”

“Now, none of our candidates fall between the cracks, which was the case before we started using Teamtailor."

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve experienced with the software?

“The only thing I can think of is that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to accustom oneself to a new way of working. But, that’s the case with anything. It wasn’t hard to adapt to the tool, and the customer support at Teamtailor were really easy to reach and helpful when we came across something we needed help with.”

Do you have any general tips to share with other companies that may be on the same journey you’ve been on?

“Use others’ expertise in areas where you are not a specialist. That way, you can focus on getting better at what you do best. Today, we have clinics in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and with plans to open clinics all over the country, it feels important to have a reliable tool in our expansion.”


"We’ve grown from 30 coworkers to almost 350 within a couple of years and a recruiting tool like Teamtailor has been an essential part of the work."
– Dajana Houdek


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