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How to keep your database updated and relevant

With the GDPR, it has become even more important to keep your candidate database up to date and relevant. You are required to make sure that all candidates are relevant for your recruitment. Having an updated database will make your recruitment even more efficient and better. Make sure you sort and delete candidates on a regular basis, to avoid a cluttered candidate database. Reach your goals faster.

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Delete rejected candidates

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Do you have candidates that you have rejected in the past? Do you think they are relevant to keep for your future recruitment? If they're not, these are candidates that you should remove from your candidate database.


Sort and delete by latest activity


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Sort by the latest activity with the candidate, and see which candidates you have not been in contact with for a long while. Is it time to contact them again? If not, delete them.


Sort by ratings

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Use Ratings to sort out the good candidates from the rest. Filter the ones with few or no stars, and delete those candidates. 


Use questions

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Do you have some questions that you need candidates to answer a certain way? Perhaps all roles at your company requires a driver's license or knowledge in a specific language? Delete those candidates by filtering them out using Questions.  



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