[Infographic] Recruiting trends to watch in 2020

Technological advancements continue to disrupt recruitment. See Teamtailor's infographic on predicated recruiting trends to watch in 2020.

See our infographic and article for insight into what we predict are the recruiting trends to watch in 2020 ⬇️


Technological advancements and shifting recruitment expectations continue to disrupt recruitment. 

If you want to stay competitive and recruit the best talent, below are 8 recruitment trends to watch in 2020:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to impact recruitment

With 40% of enterprises already using AI in HR, it’s well on it’s way to becoming an integral part of companies’ recruitment processes.

Candidates and recruiters will both benefit from AI. Make 2020 the year that you start looking at your AI options. You don’t have to go full-blown AI, but consider how you can best utilize chatbots, inclusive hiring and how AI can positively impact your employer branding. This will set you down a path that will benefit both companies and candidates. 

Recruitment marketing

With the need to hire the best talent, companies are competing when it comes to recruiting. By using consumer marketing methods such as content marketing, SEO, marketing emails and social recruiting to attract the right talent, companies are treating candidates like customers that need to be engaged with and sold to.

Employer branding has never been so important 

Now that candidates have more power than ever before, your employer brand needs to be as strong as possible. Your organization should be realizing the importance of promoting itself as an attractive place to work, particularly in light of candidates’ increased access to digital channels. Read our tips on 4 ways to build an attractive employer brand here.

Candidate experience is everything 

How you treat your candidates during their recruitment process will define how they think about you as an organization. What candidates think and see about you is crucial to your employer branding.

Candidate experience can be affected by multiple aspects. Some of the best practices include clear and timely communication, great job adverts and feedback.

Data will drive recruitment 

Your recruitment process should be data-driven. Tracking recruitment metrics will give you insight into how successful your recruitment process is. Here are seven recruitment metrics we think you should be tracking and why.

Recruiting on the go

Our data shows that 35% of our applications come from candidates applying through their mobile devices – more than 1 in every 3 candidates! It’s time for recruiters to adopt the same mindset as candidates. Downloading your ATS’ mobile app helps you take action on candidates. The more in-sync and up-to-date you are with candidates, the more attractive you become as an employer. Read our recruiting tips to help you go mobile.

Collaborative hiring 

Today’s best talent leaders require a diverse recruiting team – a mix of talent, skillset, and expertise from all roles and levels. By following these tips on setting up your recruitment team for success, your team will be properly positioned to deliver a great recruitment process.

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