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What's It Like to Be an Intern at Teamtailor?

What's It Like to Be an Intern at Teamtailor?

How is Employer Branding important and how can it help companies build up their reputation? How can the career site be a key to successful recruiting? This spring, I have the privilege of interning at Teamtailor to learn about these things.

Teamtailor's mission is to provide a high quality and powerful recruiting service to help companies handle their applications and present their own workplace in an attractive way. Behind the success of the platform with more than 3000 users is 13 amazing team members. And lucky for me that I got a chance to work with them.

So, who am I?

My name's Diep Nguyen, a Market Research Manager from Vietnam. Even though I hold a master degree from a top university and finished Swedish course at level B2, it is still difficult for me to get a suitable job here. An internship at Teamtailor is a good opportunity for me not only to get an insight into Swedish culture and practice my Swedish but also learn more about the dynamics of the Swedish employment market.

Interning as a Market researcher/Client sourcer, I am responsible for qualifying and finding leads for sales and marketing; researching on customer satisfaction and also keep myself updated about employer branding trends.

I am working at an office with 100% Swedish people but I am not treated any differently. I have been here for almost two months, and I’m given challenging and interesting tasks. It can sometimes be difficult to communicate with other members on the team but I have never felt lonely because Suzan and Evelina - 2 lovely colleagues always stand by me, willing to explain and teach me slang words or "ungdomsspråk" that I could not learn from school.

Employer branding

Employer branding is something new and can be seen as the future of HR. Therefore Teamtailor can not stop researching and developing the product, because we want to be a super-early bird. That's why I’m self-motivated to learn more and more from my mentor and colleagues to fill the gaps and then, can move both laterally and vertically up the corporate ladder.

Last but not least, working at Teamtailor means "whole week fun", not just Friday or the weekend. Every shipment of application or product is a celebration; champagne for the most effective employees or work-out every Thursday with our expert trainer. Those things make every day a happy day! :)

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