Keep Cultivating that Culture

As time passes, it becomes harder to maintain the same motivation to come up with activities that will nurture the relationships between co-workers.

As the pandemic persists, a lot of us are expecting to continue working from home for a bit longer. Maybe a lot longer.

As we’ve been getting used to this new normal, we’ve noticed the many benefits, such as saving time and money, managing work better with fewer interruptions etc. But, even so, some of us are also now starting to lose a little focus, feeling lonely and forgetting what team spirit feels like. As time passes, it becomes harder to maintain the same creativity and motivation to come up with activities that will nurture the relationships between teams and co-workers, that we had at the beginning of lockdown.

Some companies still have the whole workforce working from home and some have a split schedule. Regardless, it’s crucial to keep the team building activities going and not let the company culture cease.

So, in case you’re struggling to come up with ideas, we’ve collected some that you might not yet have tried.

Team Health Challenges
The end of summer is like a mini New Year’s to many of us and a common after-
summer-resolution is to somehow get fitter. Maybe you’ve paused running during the holidays, maybe you haven’t entered the gym in months, or just had one too many ice creams because, well, it was hot. There are probably many of us in the same boat.

Why not do something together? Encourage a healthy lifestyle among the team by competing against each other. Download the same running app or get step calculators to be able to measure your progress. Every Friday, once a month or whenever suits you, arrange a little award ceremony to motivate the participants. 


A great way to host such virtual employee health challenges is through a corporate wellness platform.

Getting-to-know-each-other Quiz
Have everybody send in 4 fun facts about themselves, mix them up and create a quiz out of them. Make a simple slide show to present on Zoom or if you’re feeling adventurous, create your own Kahoot! quiz.

Or, ask people to draft a list with 10 truths and 5 lies about themselves and send to the rest of the group. Each player marks what they think are the 5 lies.

There are also companies like QuizBreaker that can help you create a fun, automated team-building quiz.

WFH Cribs
Hello team, welcome to my crib! Yes, let’s bring back this great idea! If you somehow missed the MTV hit show during the ’00s, it was basically a documentary TV program where the rich and famous took you on tours in their homes. Now, among your colleagues there might not be as many ridiculously crazy things to show off as there were in the show… but it’s always nice to get to know each other! Take turns and show a new crib once a week or so! Make everyone show “1 thing that means a lot to me” and “1 thing you probably haven’t seen before”. You get it!


Virtual Escape Games
Escape rooms have been taking the world by storm for a while now. The goal is often to escape from the site of the game as a team by discovering clues, solving puzzles and accomplishing tasks in a limited amount of time. Now, with all sites being temporarily closed down, companies like The Escape Game and Teambuild bring the challenge to you. Take on a full escape room with your team, no matter where you are! 

Bake Off / Cocktail Off
Exactly what it sounds like! We’ve had a lot of fun doing virtual bake offs during lockdown. Make sure everyone’s making the same recipe. Then, whichever cake, drink or even dinner is voted as the best presented, wins the competition.

Scavenger Hunt
No, this is not just a kids’ game! A Scavenger Hunt is a game in which the organiser prepares a list of specific tasks or questions, that the participants/teams need to complete to get points. An example task could be to “take a photo with an animal” or “find out how many underground stations there are in London” etc. A Scavenger Hunt can easily be customised for your team. You can also choose to have people go out to collect points or limit it to things they can do inside. However, this is a lot of fun and people tend to get very competitive.

To make life easier for you, companies such as Scavify are there to help! A neatly organized app informs each participant/team about what is left to complete on their list.

Virtual Museum Tours
Take a trip through some of the world’s greatest collections on these virtual museum and gallery tours. Even though many museums have already started to open, this is a great way of enjoying the collections from home. Both Timeout and The Guardian each list many inspiring tours of world-class museums and their rarely-seen collections — without the queues or ticket prices! Share someone’s screen to be able to experience it together, or discuss the collections during the Friday after-work-drinks!


Virtual Game Show
The Go Game offers virtual experiences and team building events with the future of work in mind. Games take around 45-60 minutes and you’ll be guided through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving, which provides an opportunity for everyone to shine. Game types include Buzz In Pub Trivia, Giphy Challenge, Pictionary Drawing, Lipdub and Fun Fact Match among others.

The company culture doesn’t have to suffer! Keep your team motivated and connected no matter the distance.

Please share any other ideas in the comments below!


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