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Making a move on Millennials

Millennials are changing the corporate culture! Like it or not - they can, and will, ask for more from their employer than previous generations.

By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the working population. Make sure you have the right strategy to snatch the top talent before someone else does.

This generation of people, born between 1980 and the mid 90’s, have different expectations when it come to jobs than their Gen X and Boomer predecessors. For Millennials there are now considerations other than stability and a high salary that will determine if they’ve successfully chosen the right place to work.

Of course, pay is also important, but there are other factors that are more likely to grab Millenials’ attention.

To attract, and retain, the talent of this generation, it’s crucial for companies to keep an ear to the ground and work out the right recruitment strategies. Unfortunately, you can’t just use the same old moves that you’re used to. To successfully recruit Millennials you need an innovative approach and a work environment that meets their unique needs.

Reach out

Millennials grew up during the digital revolution. They’re tech-savvy and accustomed users of smartphones, social media and the Internet – everything they need to know is pretty much one click away.


This generation spends a lot of their time online, especially on the phone. Making job ads and career pages mobile-friendly is essential for reaching out and maintaining the interest of Millenials.

Make it easy to apply, keep the candidates engaged and informed on-the-go, and you’ll reduce the risk of losing them to a competitor.

Also, Social media has never been as powerful as it is today. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 73% of millennials found their last position through a social media site. Use this great opportunity to promote your Employer brand and place vacancy ads on the company’s different channels. The increase in impressions will be unrivalled.

Bare in mind that the constant access to the Internet and new media have made Millennials professional fact-finders. They are masters of filtering and ignoring everyday advertisements. Make sure your job ads and career site stand out, that the information is relevant and that you showcase the right (attractive!) image of the company.

Make it easy, responsive and fun! Boost your online presence, improve the social media strategies and step up your employer branding game – and you’ll have the Millenials queueing up for your vacant positions.

Candidate community

A talent community is a great way to keep aspirants engaged, informed and involved. Millennials seek a strong feeling of association, of being part of something. By forming a talent community, you’ll make it easy for yourself to stay in touch with candidates. Share company news and career opportunities – make them feel included.

Create a feeling of affinity throughout the recruitment process by nurturing relationships from the start. Actually, even for candidates you’re not hiring at the moment.

According to the CareerBuilder Candidate Experience Study, 78% of candidates believe that their general candidate experience is an indication of how a company treat its employees.


Skilled Millennials have a lot to choose from and are very likely to have a short attention span. Communication is the key to success – let your community in on what’s going on in the company. Keep them engaged by setting up email updates and text message campaigns.

Throughout the recruiting process, make sure to give frequent feedback and don’t leave a candidate hanging. Taking too long to respond might kill the vibe and maybe even result in top candidates heading elsewhere. Let the people in your hiring process know that they’re doing well, but also what else you need to proceed.

And what about the runner-ups? Let applicants that didn’t make it know, so that they can move on with their life. But, encourage them to stay in the community, because they might be the perfect fit in the future. Win-win situation, if you think about it.

Just, try not to ghost anyone, it might have a negative impact both on the company’s brand and how people perceive it, but also on your talent pool. This will probably stop the candidate, and their network, applying for future vacancies. Word of mouth and bad reviews travel fast in this tech-savvy, always-online cohort. 

Company culture

Even though money is attractive to all of us, what many Millennials value even more is the significance of their job and the company culture. A great culture is no longer just “nice to have”, but a business essential with 88% consider it an important aspect of their dream job. Employer branding is therefore one of the most productive recruitment strategies to spark an interest among the top talent of this generation.

As we all know, the employees are the company’s greatest assets, the competitive advantage. Cultivate a welcoming, encouraging and positive environment where the employees are sure of the meaning and value of what they do, and you will attract and retain the best people in your industry. Skilled people can demand more from their workplace, so to keep hold of the top Millenials, make sure your organisation is talent-worthy. If you deliver a healthy, inspiring work environment they’ll repay you with dedicated work.

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First impressions matter

Now, back to attracting these skilled Millennials. When applying for a job, it’s very likely that they will research the company – on the website, different social media channels and maybe even a few online reviews if available. Here is your chance to elevate the business and showcase all the awesome benefits of working there.

While your website probably is the first stop, i.e. the first impression, you should definitely also look into how the company culture is presented on your career site. Include a few lines about the workplace and culture, the business’ vision and values and if you provide any additional benefits to the salary package. Share some quotes from current employees – what they like about the company, what they do, maybe a fun fact – let career site visitors get to know both the company and the people working there. 

What employees feel about their organization and what talent in the job market perceive about it matters a lot.

Social media – especially Instagram – are very useful tools to promote the workplace and the company culture. Sharing snippets of birthday celebrations, an office work out, Pizza Friday, or the yearly company trip is a great way to give your business a personality and create brand affinity. And of course, don’t forget to share exciting news, achievements and the new office space – show your followers that you’re doing well.


Now, this is of course stereotyping. It’s hard to bulk everyone in this generation into one category. There’s not going to be a perfect strategy that ‘fits all’.

But, it is true that the Millennials are changing the corporate culture. They can, and will, ask for more from their employer than previous generations.

Invest in your future employees!


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