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Meet Julia, our new Content Specialist

Hey there!

My name is Julia and I joined Teamtailor just recently as Content Specialist, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! My responsibility is to provide our clients with feedback and help them with producing content and copy material for their career sites, pages, campaigns and more. No time or inspiration? Then I’m here to help with everything content related, from idea to finished product.

The platform itself is great for reaching out and managing candidates in a simple way, but it's important how you communicate your message. If the career site isn’t inspiring or the ad isn’t eye catching, there is a risk of missing out on potential candidates. My goal is therefore that your pages and campaigns will reach their full potential and that you get Teamtailor will give you the greatest value possible.

I’m your go-to if you need help with:
  • Career Site - Do you need help with designing your career site? No problem, I can do it for you!
  • Campaign pages - By using targeted landing pages you can attract candidates earlier in the “candidate funnel” with content marketing.
  • Job ads - Do you want to increase the amount of applicants? Go for a clear role description, engaging content and an easy application process.
  • Campaign material for social media - Do you need help with content or copy for social media ads? I’m here to help with production and tips on what is working for each platform.
  • Photo and video - A picture is worth a thousand words! Video and photo content is perfect for showing your candidates what you do and how fun you have together.

For price information, please contact 

I have an education within economics and a background in content marketing and brand management, with a great interest for the creative part. Therefore, I strongly believe in combining the creative outside box-thinking with strategic thinking. Important questions to ask yourself is what you want to achieve, why and how you can achieve it. Continuous progress is the key to success!

Just give me a call or send an email if you have any questions! :-)


+4670-584 86 00


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