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Meet Shahin, our new Country Manager in UK

Meet Shahin, our new Country Manager in UK

Shahin Soltani is the rock of our team, and a constant source of laughter and joy. Now he has moved to London, to meet HR managers and professionals all over UK, and spread the word about Teamtailor. I called him up in between meetings and getting his flat in order, and asked him a few questions about the adventure he is about to embark on!

How does it feel to be the first to spread the word about Teamtailor in UK?

It's a great honor to be the first employee here in London. I love talking about our product and can't wait to show it to the UK market.

What are you looking forward to?

First of all, to get our first 50 customers here. That will be a great milestone for me. Also getting to build my own team here which will be a combination of geniuses and superstars.

As a new citizen in London, how long will it take for you to start drinking tea several times a day and eat fried stuff every morning?

Not long at all. I was 100% more polite as soon as I landed on Heathrow and I'm on my second teapot of the day now. Can't wait for lunch (Bangers and mash today).

Do you have a favourite British dish?

Yorkshire pudding! It's delicious.

Yorkshire Pudding Photo from Food Network

Want to get in touch with Shahin and talk about sights in London he has to see, or talk about recruiting?

Call him at +44 (0) 7397 000 103, or email him πŸ’Œ

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