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Meet the Team: Adam de Lancey

Our marvellous KAM for Team UK discusses his role at Teamtailor, his experience as a candidate and what he enjoys most about being a member of the KAM team

What do you do at Teamtailor?

"I'm a Key Account Manager for the UK team and help our clients to get started with Teamtailor and answer any questions they might have, no matter how big or small."


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

"My biggest interests are travelling, going to gigs and watching live sport, so it's been a tricky time for me recently! I moved to Stockholm last year and so have enjoyed exploring the city, meeting friends for a drink and cooking lots of new food."


At Teamtailor we're big believers in providing an exceptional candidate experience 🚀 What has your previous experience been like as a candidate?

"Honestly, not brilliant. I was one of the unfortunate many to be made redundant at the beginning of the pandemic, and found candidate experience on the whole pretty poor in terms of communication and getting a response at all. For the roles where I was successful (and by chance all use Teamtailor for their recruiting), the responses were personalised, communication was quicker and generally were much more engaging. There's plenty more work to do though as on the whole, candidate experience mainly consisted of applying for a role and never hearing back!"


What do you enjoy most about working in the KAM team?

"I love that we have such an international, helpful and relaxed team. Sometimes at my desk I can hear French, Spanish, German, Swedish and Finnish all around me, which is great! Everyone is always happy to help each other out with difficult cases, and of course go for a drink after work when we need it!"



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