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Meet the Team: George Duffield

Our wonderful sales rep, George, discusses his role at Teamtailor, his experience as a candidate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his favourite Teamtailor feature!

What do you do at Teamtailor? 

I am an Account Executive, meaning that I get to introduce our platform to new clients to show them how much more efficient recruitment can be with our ATS platform.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I feel like I’ve milked the first one coming from Canada, so I’ll give you two. I’m from a small town in Canada so I used to snowmobile to high school everyday. We even had a parking lot designated for snowmobiles. The second one, which is not as cool as it sounds is that I used to be top 100 in the world for competitive play in Guitar Hero 3. I’d play songs over and over again to make sure I perfectly timed the star power, never missed a note…it was wild.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3-4 nights a week at my local club, AEON Bjj in South London. I’m very lucky that moving here from Canada I found a gym so close to where I live. They’re a very competitive gym, so I’ll be fighting in my first competition in June which I’m quite excited for. Outside of that I love hanging out with my Corgi, Ophelia. She has a tonne of energy as a herding dog, which is great as we can go on nice long walks together.


What's your favourite Teamtailor feature?

Honestly, I love the Tags feature. By nature I am quite unorganised, so to combat that I need to keep things hyper-organised. Tags for me is a great feature to keep your internal talent pool organised so that you can find the right candidates for new opportunities very easily.


At Teamtailor we're big believers in providing an exceptional candidate experience 🚀 What has your previous experience been like as a candidate?

Finding opportunities was tedious, as sending out cv’s and cover letters only allows you to show a chronological listing of your previous experience, as well as a few blurbs of things you’ve accomplished. Teamtailor has opened my eyes to how a modern career site can really allow candidates to add more to their application with chances to stand out from the crowd.



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