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Meet the Team: Matthieu Daniel

Meet Matthieu! Our brilliant sales rep for the French market discusses his role at Teamtailor, hobbies outside of work and his experience as a candidate.

What do you do at Teamtailor?

“I work towards the French market and help recruiters and HR professionals find the right tool for them and their candidates!”


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I've recently started reading a lot, since the first lockdown. It’s been a great passion of mine outside of work. We recently started a Teamtailor book club as well which has been great for discussions! Other than that, I’m always up for some B&B (Banter and Beers).”


At Teamtailor we're big believers in providing an exceptional candidate experience 🚀 What has your previous experience been like as a candidate?

“Overall, my candidate experiences have been good. One obstacle I’ve faced numerous times though is not being able to really get a feel for the company’s culture because a lot of content on company’s websites are directed to potential clients rather than candidates.”


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