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Meet the Team: Svenja Radloff

Our fabulous sales rep, Svenja, discusses her role at Teamtailor, her experience as a candidate and her favourite Teamtailor feature!

What do you do at Teamtailor? 

I joined Teamtailor in November last year and am one of the first employees at our new Berlin office!  I'm a Sales & Business Developer and  am responsible for the German market 🇩🇪


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love reading (especially psychology or a good crime novel ), having dinner with friends and hitting the Gym 📖 🍝 🏋️‍♀️


What's your favourite Teamtailor feature?

Definitely Additional Candidate Info – I think finding the right candidate is not just about the work requirements but also about finding someone who fits in the culture of the company and fits the spirit and energy of the team, so its a great way to find out more about the candidate from the beginning.

At Teamtailor we're big believers in providing an exceptional candidate experience 🚀 What has your previous experience been like as a candidate?

I remember how frustrating I found my application process and how complicated the processes were in some cases (and how I still haven't received a response from some companies to this day!). I often abandoned the application process because there were so many hurdles and stages involved. I think it's great when companies place great value on the candidate experience and make their processes uncomplicated and treat their candidates well. I find it important to have an appealing career site and to be able to find my way around it without a lot of clicks and to submit my application quickly.  I also find transparency and a quick response really important.



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