Organise your home office day: Martin’s top tips for WFH

It's 'Organise Your Home Office Day' and our HR guru, Martin Ullström, gives us some of his top tips for working from home.

Many of you probably won’t be aware, but ‘National Organise your Home Office Day’ is this week (there really is a day for everything it seems?!). In honour of the occasion, we thought we’d catch up with our resident HR specialist – and all-round guru – Martin Ullström, for his top tips and advice for working from home. Here are some of his nuggets of wisdom for you to enjoy:

Start your day right

If possible, I strongly recommend a morning walk before you start your working day. In a way it almost simulates your usual commute, even though your ‘office’ is your house in this case. A bit of fresh air and light exercise is a fantastic way to wake up and mentally prepare for the day ahead.


Have a tidy up

Working in a messy and cluttered environment can have a knock-on effect when it comes to your productivity. You don’t have to spend hours reorganising your feng shui into perfect harmony, but a little tidy up can do wonders to your work ethic and stress levels!

Avoid noise and distractions

It may be difficult at times but try and set up your workspace somewhere quiet where there aren’t any distractions. Being at home (and with so many TV series and movies at your fingertips) can make it tempting to just put something on in the background while you work. But this will absolutely affect your level of focus – you don’t want to discover too late that you’ve accidentally added a quote from Friends in that email to your CEO. “How you doin’?”


Be comfortable (but not too comfortable)

Since you’re mainly going to be working in one space for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a comfortable chair. Something that supports your back well and allows you to sit upright (not a beanbag). However, try to avoid working somewhere that’s a little too comfortable, like your bed, as this will also make you less focused and maybe even sleepy!

Walk and talk

One of my best tips is to walk back and forth in your flat while having phone calls. I’ve usually managed about 5000 steps before lunch just by walking back and forth during my calls (and I can water my plants at the same time!). Walking can have really positive effects on your mood and attitude – a lot of salespeople like to walk around when making calls as it gives them more energy and confidence.

Take active breaks

Another great tip is to take active breaks! There are loads of brilliant yoga or HIIT workout videos on YouTube which are only 15-30 minutes and can help you nicely break up your day. It doesn’t have to be something really demanding, but even some light stretching can boost your mood and keep your energy levels up.

However you choose to celebrate ‘Organise your home office day’, make sure to look after yourself and adopt a work set up and routine that works for you!


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