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Save segments in the new and improved ‘Candidates’ view

By Valérie Downey April 29, 2019
You probably have many candidates in your talent pool, with all kinds of awesome skillsets and..
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New: Convert passive candidates with Lead Pages

By Suzan Dil April 9, 2019

Let’s face it. Job ads are not always the best way to get the attention from some people. Some..

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Schedule when your Triggers activate ⏳

By Valérie Downey April 1, 2019

Automating your recruitment process is undoubtedly the smartest and simplest way to optimize..

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New: SMS candidates in our mobile app!

By Valérie Downey March 29, 2019

 Attracting candidates means meeting them where they are. And, meeting them where they are means..

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Market your Departments with custom pages 🤩

By Valérie Downey March 29, 2019

Highlighting the unique parts and people in your company is vital in attracting and converting..

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Easily achieve your recruitment goals with Guided Recruitment ⏰

By Valérie Downey March 18, 2019

Hey, what’s new?

Well, now that you ask, we’re actually adding a pretty smart feature to your..

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Manage candidates in Jobs on our app

By Valérie Downey March 13, 2019

Making recruitment simpler means making mobile recruitment smooth. We’ve updated our mobile app..

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Boost candidate experience with our new 'Response-Time' feature!

By Valérie Downey March 5, 2019

Understanding candidates and adapting recruiting processes to please them is how we improve..

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Recruiting Trends - 2019 Edition

By Valérie Downey February 26, 2019

There's a lot of buzz around employer branding, and for good reason. We've scaled down the..

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New: Smart Schedule just got even smarter 🚀

By Suzan Dil February 15, 2019

We're now presenting a lot of new updates to our Smart Schedule 🎉

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