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The Teamtailor Blog
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Teamtailor’s new partnership with Zinc

By Valérie Downey September 5, 2019
Our integration with Zinc allows you to automatically collect references and extract unique..
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How Aqua Dental grew from 30 to 300 employees

By Valérie Downey September 4, 2019

Aqua Dental is a dental chain that strives to offer Sweden the highest quality dental care with..

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Introducing “Tag Manager”

By Valérie Downey August 20, 2019
The great thing about tags in Teamtailor is that you can customise them and tag your candidates..
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Our latest mobile updates: Improved navigation and "Meetings" tab

By Valérie Downey August 8, 2019
We’ve got an update for all our mobile users 💬   And if you’re not one yet, join the pack and..
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Our first AI feature: Highlight top candidates 🤖

By Valérie Downey June 24, 2019

We're very excited to announce the launch of our first AI feature!

With access to the most..
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New Analytics feature: Jobs Overview

By Valérie Downey June 18, 2019
The more data, the better the decisions, right? We’re excited to announce a totally new set of..
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New: Get email applications automatically delivered to Teamtailor 📩

By Valérie Downey June 14, 2019
Remember when you used to get job applications by email? The hassle of adding and keeping track..
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Five ways HR Tech boosts Candidate Experience

By Valérie Downey June 6, 2019

Long and unclear recruitment processes are a major turn-off for candidates. Thankfully, HR tech..

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Improvements to our App: watch videos, switch company, and SSO login

By Valérie Downey June 3, 2019
Candidates are applying to jobs all the more through their mobile devices. We also want to make..
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Get the Teamtailor App on Android 👏

By Valérie Downey May 23, 2019
There are apps for everything these days. They help you reach your goals, manage your life,..
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Add multiple locations to a job ad

By Valérie Downey May 17, 2019
With a more globalised workforce than ever before, having the same position open in several..
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Auto-add candidate information with Resume Parser

By Valérie Downey May 2, 2019
A lot of time is spent on adding candidates to a candidate pool that, for one reason or..