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Product updates

Safe office checkins with Spacetailor 🚀

Spacetailor is an app created to help companies create a safer work environment and limit crowds. Set the maximum capacity for every office, and...


Keep Cultivating that Culture

As time passes, it becomes harder to maintain the same motivation to come up with activities that will nurture the relationships between co-workers.

Product updates

Use Teamtailor in Swedish 🎈

We've just added the option to use Teamtailor fully in Swedish for all our users. The language options are available as an account setting for all...


4 ways to improve your work-life balance

The growing pressure of a more demanding work culture has amplified our focus on mental health. How can you ensure you have a healthy work-life...

employee engagement

Embracing Employee Engagement

Having happy employee's is something all companies should strive for. But that doesn't automatically mean that you have a high level of employee...

Candidate Experience

How best to avoid candidate ghosting

Candidate ghosting is a relatively new trend, but one that can negatively impact your recruitment. Here are some of the best ways to minimize the...


HR Trends in the New Normal

As things have — and are — changing rapidly, so are the best practices for HR. These are the trends that recruiters should follow in 2020.

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