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Culture comes first!

We recently ran a poll and asked our network what they deemed to be most important to showcase to candidates. Culture was the overwhelming favourite!


5 Must-Have SaaS Tools in 2020

There are hundreds of SaaS tools on the market today. It can be hard knowing where to start when choosing which ones are best for your company.


Why companies are embracing anonymous hiring

More so than ever, companies are beginning to understand the importance of keeping a fair hiring process. This is where anonymous hiring comes into...


Is lockdown fuelling toxic productivity?

Using time wisely and striving to be productive is all well and good . But when this productivity becomes toxic, it's time to stop and reasses.


The pros of proactive recruitment

To stand a chance in today's candidate-driven market you need to plan ahead. Proactive – not reactive – recruitment is the way to go!

Candidate Experience

What do candidates look for in career sites?

What makes someone decide to hit that "apply" button on career sites? We've compiled the key factors candidates look at when looking for a new job.


Mental Health in the Workplace

With uncertainty making its way into just about everything we do at the moment, Mental Health Awareness week is more important than ever

Product updates

New content block: Infographics

Improve the look of your career sites and campaign pages with the brand new Infographics block. Highlight the numbers that are important to your...

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