Add candidates faster and easier

Drag and drop one or several candidates to add them to jobs or your talent pool. Our latest update gives you several new and useful features when adding candidates.

We've just released an update that makes adding candidates so much easier. The parser has been improved to make results more accurate and even faster than before. There's also a bunch of new features as well as new design. A full blown makeover! 

Upload one or several candidates

Add up to 100 candidates at the same time 🥳 Save time by uploading several candidates at once. Drag and drop one or several candidates' resumes and see the parsed results.

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Preview the resume

See a preview of the resume after you've dropped or uploaded it and edit the information if needed before adding the candidate.


Add to job

Make sure the candidates gets added to a job right away, or to your talent pool. Easy peasy!

Skärmavbild 2022-06-28 kl. 23.29.01


Thanks for reading! Check out our support article if you would like to know more about adding candidates. Good luck with your new candidates, talk to you soon 🤩

/The Teamtailor Product Team

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