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New and improved look 🎉

This update improves your experience when using Teamtailor. We also have a brand new look — to make it easier for you to focus on what's important.


Analytics: Brand new reports

New report for jobs and employees, and a new feature to tailor your reports so that you and your team always can keep track of what's important to...


New employee dashboard

The new dashboard introduces new functionality and a new design that encourages your employees to engage in your recruitment and get closer to the...


Improved application flow

It’s here — your new application flow. The new application form has a modern approach that is even more optimised for candidates than the previous...


Career sites in multiple languages

This new solution is perfect for companies that want to broaden their marketing towards candidates speaking other languages. With this smart feature,...


New user roles

We have updated the available user roles in Teamtailor, which will give you increased control over who has access to certain information, and if they...


Analytics: New job reports 🎉

Only the best for the world’s best users ❤️Our product team has completely revamped your job report to ensure you and your team have the best data...

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