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The new Connect πŸŽ‰

It's here. The feature we are so proud to offer to our users and their candidates β€” is here in a new form. We want you to deepen your relationship...


New: Internal recruitment in Teamtailor

Post jobs only for your colleagues to see, or post public jobs and see which candidates are internal in an instant. Our latest update gives you all...


Use Teamtailor in Swedish 🎈

We've just added the option to use Teamtailor fully in Swedish for all our users. The language options are available as an account setting for all...


New content block: Infographics

Improve the look of your career sites and campaign pages with the brand new Infographics block. Highlight the numbers that are important to your...


New: External recruiters

We’re happy to announce that we just released External Recruiter β€” the best feature to collaborate and recruit together. Communicate with the...


New: Automatic candidate deletion

There are several reasons why your talent pool should consist of relevant candidates only. It helps your team focus on the right people, but it's...


New: Pages for your locations

Candidates that are interested in working at a company might start by looking at locations, rather than departments. We've launched Location Pages,...


New: Manage your employees in Teams πŸŽ‰

With our latest update, you’ll be able to set up teams based on departments, roles and locations. A smart and new way of managing your employees and...


New: Video meetings πŸŽ₯

More and more people are working from home right now, and we want to do everything we can to make that easier for all of our users, and their...


New content block: Tile & Link

The new Tile & Link block makes it possible for you to link to great content on other sites, while looking amazing 😍 Add images to your links, or...


New: Unbiased candidate screening πŸ†

With our latest product release, we've made it possible for you to screen candidates without any risk of bias or prejudice. If you set any stage to...

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