Recruiting Tips to help you go mobile

Recruiters need to adopt mobile recruitment for faster, better communication with candidates. Here are a few ways to do so.

For an industry built on connecting people and growing networks, surprisingly little is done on a device we almost solely use for communication: our mobile phones. If we can text someone on the other side of the world and receive an answer in an instant, recruiters need to adopt mobile recruitment for faster, better communication with candidates. 

In comparison, candidates are ahead of the game. They browse new opportunities on their way to their current job, on their way home, while waiting for a friend or their coffee or their kid (you get it). Application forms are becoming easier to fill out on their phones. Why? Because it’s easier for candidates to apply on-the-go, rather than having to set aside a lot of time in their already busy schedules. As it turns out, candidates love it.

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It’s time for recruiters to adopt the same mindset as candidates. Downloading your ATS’ mobile app helps you take action on candidates. The more in-sync and up-to-date you are with candidates, the more attractive you become as an employer. 

Here are a few ways to keep your communication with candidates quick and smooth by using your mobile recruitment app: 

In-App texting

This is an easier form of communication for candidates and recruiters. Whether you choose to email or text in the app, mobile recruitment allows all communication to be streamlined into the same chat and synced with your account. No more switching between conversations and spending time figuring out who-said-what last! 

Stay notified

Every time you receive an application to a position, you get a notification on your phone. This helps you keep tabs on how many applications you’re receiving in real-time. Curious about who just applied? Open the notification and take action right away. Make sure to choose notification settings that fit your needs. 

View and take action immediately

View candidates in different stages of your recruitment process. Move them forward or let them go directly in the app. This keeps you on top of your pipeline as they come in, rather than making candidates sit too long without hearing back. You may wonder why not to just do this on your desktop. The faster and more easily this is done, the better the candidate experience. This is necessary to capture the best talent out there. 

Stay up-to-date (and make a good impression)

Keep tabs on scheduled, pending, and past interviews with candidates. This serves as a great reminder for who you’re about to meet when you’re on-the-go. The more prepared you are, the better the interview will go for everyone involved.

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Jot it down before it’s too late


Easily add notes and reviews to the candidates you’ve just met. For example, add fresh information and impressions directly after the interview, rather than waiting until you’re back at your desk. It’s not worth forgetting the details. 

Quick text > Long-form communication

Act immediately when you think of someone. Let’s say you’re on your way to work and someone crosses your mind. Take action directly – search for candidates in the mobile app and text them immediately (are you starting to notice a trend? Taking action will keep your recruitment will stay on the frontline!). This is easier to do on your mobile app, rather than having to log into the desktop version on your phone. Candidates want to hear from you – sending them something, however short, engages them.

The power is at your fingertips to change the way you work with recruiting. Adopt a candidate’s mindset. They’re leading the industry.  

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