Rockar sees 60% decrease in time to hire in 2 months with Teamtailor

Rockar’s investment in Teamtailor has meant more data-driven hiring decisions whilst removing any manual processes, and showcasing their employer brand.

UK-based e-commerce automotive platform, Rockar, does away with time consuming manual processes and a high candidate drop-off rate with Teamtailor

Despite being a fairly new customer, Rockar have taken their recruitment process with Teamtailor by storm. The manual processes that had been severely hampering their recruitment are now carried out through Teamtailor’s automation and as a result, have drastically improved certain aspects such as time to hire.


“Even if you are not technical, it is easy to use which is perfect for those who aren’t tech savvy! The automation features at various stages of the hiring process makes our job so much easier and saves us a lot of time. It really is a breeze!"

Matt Batchelor, Chief Technology Officer at Rockar


Rockar’s investment in Teamtailor has enabled them to make more data-driven decisions when it comes to hiring, whilst showcase their employer brand with a career site that reflects their culture and values. Learn more about Rockar’s journey with Teamtailor.

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