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Stay safe with Spacetailor 🚀

Spacetailor is an app created to help companies create a safer work environment and limit crowds. Set the maximum capacity for every office, and control how many can check in. Write down your office policy and have it easily accessible by everyone in your company. Every time someone wants to check in, they will be reminded to read the office policy and approve that they've read it. Forget about spreadsheets or doing manual work. Spacetailor makes it easy for your team to follow your guidelines without any extra work or hassle. 

In preparation for returning to the office and after listening to feedback from users, there are now some exciting features on our Spacetailor app! These features support social distancing in the workplace and will help you to stay safe in the office 💻

Check out the video below to see how Spacetailor can enhance your health and safety in the workplace.



Contact tracing

Users have the option to report sickness to keep their colleagues up-to-date on their health. Simply click on the three bars in the bottom left-hand side of the home screen and find ‘Report sickness’. From here, Spacetailor will display a calendar to record the days in which you first noticed symptoms of illness.

report sickness

Sickness will always be reported anonymously, regardless of visibility settings. Spacetailor will then trace back 7 days from when a user reports sickness and automatically send a push notification to users that were checked in together within those 7 days.  

Users can also customise messages for their employees, as a way of reminding them to use the feature and maintain communication with the company about their health ✅

Don’t forget - administrators can set up their own check-in policy on the app, outlining health and safety codes of conduct and exactly when employees should be reporting sickness. If you are an admin, make sure your users are aware of the best course of action that’s in line with your office policy.


Reservation schedule

If you’re concerned about the number of people in the office on a particular day, use our new schedule to reserve slots and plan ahead. Reserve up to 10 slots to make sure there is space available for check-in.

Add users without a company email address

No company email address? Fear not! Simply select your location, duration of time in the office and check-in policy and you’re good to go! 😊

This will mean anyone in the office at any given time is able to check in safely.

If you haven’t already, download the latest version of the app on either the App Store or Google Play.

It's 100% free 🎉

Please let us know if you have any questions by mailing to

With love from the Product team at Teamtailor ❤️

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