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Teamtailor’s new partnership with Zinc

Our integration with Zinc allows you to automatically collect references and extract unique candidate insights – directly in Teamtailor. 
Control when you reference-check your candidates, what questions to ask, and collect the information you need in order to make an informative decision about your candidates. Set it up once, and then automate the process. This lets you customise your reference checks and simultaneously saves you time, keeps you on top of your recruitment, and informs better hiring decisions.
We know – the best of both worlds! 🌎
Okay, so how do I get started? 
To activate this integration, get in touch with your point of contact at Zinc. Watch this step-by-step how-to here.
You’ll find the integration under “Triggers” in your job. If you have an account with Zinc and Teamtailor, add a trigger to your recruitment process and click on “Send reference: Zinc.”
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There you have it, I think we’ve covered all bases  ⚾️ If not, let us know if you have any questions! 

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