The pros of proactive recruitment

To stand a chance in today's candidate-driven market you need to plan ahead. Proactive – not reactive – recruitment is the way to go!

Just a few years ago reactive recruitment was the way to go, the only way to go.
This, my friends, has changed. To stand a chance in today’s candidate-driven market you need to plan ahead. You need to be prepared and ready to press GO whenever a spot has to be filled.

Today, the way to go is called proactive recruitment — and if you’re not already doing it, it’s time to wake up and get with the times.

Reactive recruitment

Reactive recruitment means that the process of finding candidates begins once a vacant role appears — you hire when you know you need a new team member for one reason or another. Initially this seems logical and, surprisingly, still today a lot of companies haven’t changed pace.

This passive method often puts a lot of pressure on the recruitment team to deliver in a short space of time, since the need for replacement in most cases is immediate. Chances are, the perfect candidate is nowhere to be found at that exact moment. This might lead to the company going weeks, maybe months, without finding someone to fill the role.
Or, even worse(?), you might stress through the hiring process and make a bad decision, having to start it all over – wasting both time and money.


And, not only does this pressure the recruitment team — as long as the role isn’t filled, the job is either neglected or delegated to other employees to add on to their existing duties. Not that much fun for anyone, am I right?

Proactive recruitment

Most of us don’t own a crystal ball, but still, we kind of need to predict the future. Proactive recruitment is all about preparing and anticipating the staffing needs of a business. About sourcing, attracting and engaging candidates before actually needing them.

In most businesses, inevitably, vacant roles will appear — when employees quit, someone gets terminated or the company decides to expand. Instead of starting from scratch and ending up wasting all that time and money, this strategy offers a number of advantages that can help your business.

  • The hiring process becomes shorter, which means less time with staff shortage and less stress for the remaining employees. 
  • It reduces the pressure on the recruiting managers who are not caught off-guard. They will have more control over the hiring process and the chance of bad decisions decreases significantly.
  • You can get to know candidates before hiring them and easier identify the best fit for your company, instead of relying on who is available when the time comes.
  • Even the candidates get a chance to determine if the company is a good match. This will, in the long run, increase employee happiness, and therefore, retention.
  • You won’t lose top talent because of a lengthy hiring process.

Nowadays recruiters start to understand the value of a candidate pipeline filled with talent, and, that being prepared is everything. To be able to snatch the top talent before anyone else does, you obviously need to be one step ahead.

Building a talent pool

A talent pool is a database of candidates who have shown an interest in working for your company. This is a long-term strategy, and, by far the most effective method for proactive recruiting. When a staff shortage occurs, there is already an existing pool of potential candidates from where hopefully — and most likely — you will find the perfect match.

Building a talent pool means interviewing people, even when you don’t have positions open for them. Some of you might still be raising your eyebrows to this, but when you think about it, it actually makes sense. The bigger the pool of candidates is, the faster the hiring process will be once a need appears.


Job seekers of today will be aware of an employer’s brand, and if the business meets their needs and requirements, they will happily want to connect and stay in the talent pipeline. And, don’t worry that applicants won’t appreciate your proactive work, it’s what today’s top talent expect. When the right role occurs and they’re one step ahead, they will thank you. Research shows that 92% of employees would consider leaving their current jobs if a company with an attractive corporate culture offered them another role.

Think about the future

These days we’re experiencing something unlike anything we’ve seen before. Many businesses have had to pull the breaks on recruitment, some even had to let people go. There are fewer spots to fill, and more people on the market.

It’s easy to see the darkness brought by this big, unreal change. But we need to flip this challenge on its head and see the opportunities. This is the chance to connect, to engage and to build that talent pool. Even if you’re not hiring right now — times will change — and while you’re waiting for that to happen, you might as well get prepared.

So, where do we start?

  • Establish a strong online presence and boost the employer brand
  • Create a banging career site that captures the company culture
  • Make it easy to connect and apply
  • Source, network and connect with potential candidates
  • Gather employee referrals — you can expand the talent pool times 10 by taking advantage of your employees’ networks
  • Nurture and engage – reach out now and then, share relevant content, company news and of course, career opportunities
  • Convert! Once a role is available, if you have played these other steps right, converting your potential candidates to high-qualified job applicants should be quick and easy.

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Skip all the hard work. Still hire better people, faster and cheaper!

Remember, being prepared is everything. I cant use that word enough. Top talent is what keeps your company competitive and successful, and proactive recruitment is how you reach them before everyone else.

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