Candidate Experience


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Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience: Our Survey Says…

Understanding the candidate experience can be difficult – a simple survey can be a great way to get some valuable feedback and improve your processes!


Keep Cultivating that Culture

As time passes, it becomes harder to maintain the same motivation to come up with activities that will nurture the relationships between co-workers.

Candidate Experience

How best to avoid candidate ghosting

Candidate ghosting is a relatively new trend, but one that can negatively impact your recruitment. Here are some of the best ways to minimize the...


Culture comes first!

We recently ran a poll and asked our network what they deemed to be most important to showcase to candidates. Culture was the overwhelming favourite!

Candidate Experience

What do candidates look for in career sites?

What makes someone decide to hit that "apply" button on career sites? We've compiled the key factors candidates look at when looking for a new job.


4 Interview Questions to Ask as a Candidate

Imagine you’ve just finished an interview – it’s gone pretty well. But now that it's your turn to ask the questions, just what should you be asking?

Candidate Experience

Making a move on Millennials

Millennials are changing the corporate culture! Like it or not - they can, and will, ask for more from their employer than previous generations.

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