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Stay safe with Spacetailor 🚀

By Seb Waterfield January 13, 2021

In preparation for returning to the office and after listening to feedback from users, there are..

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New: Internal recruitment in Teamtailor

By Suzan Dil December 15, 2020

Post jobs only for your colleagues to see, or post public jobs and see which candidates are..

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Use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and GoToMeeting in Teamtailor

By Suzan Dil November 11, 2020

Our users can now connect their Teamtailor account to different video services like Zoom, ..

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Safe office checkins with Spacetailor 🚀

By Suzan Dil September 17, 2020

We are thrilled to introduce Spacetailor — an innovation project from the Teamtailor product..

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Use Teamtailor in Swedish 🎈

By Suzan Dil August 31, 2020

We've just added the option to use Teamtailor fully in Swedish for all our users. The language..

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Mobile app updates: Dashboard and a new look 🚀

By Suzan Dil August 24, 2020

Our mobile team has done it again. Your Teamtailor app is now looking better than ever, and will..

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Preview your career pages before publishing 🚀

By Suzan Dil July 1, 2020

Our latest update is here 🎉 Now you can make changes on your career pages and polish it before..

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New content block: Infographics

By Suzan Dil May 20, 2020

Improve the look of your career sites and campaign pages with the brand new Infographics block...

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New: External recruiters

By Suzan Dil May 18, 2020

Up until now, there’s been no smart way to collaborate efficiently in recruitment processes..

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Mobile updates: Filters, segments, external share and more

By Emil Löfquist May 13, 2020

The team has been working hard the past seven weeks and the latest version (2.5.3) contains a..

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New: Automatic candidate deletion

By Suzan Dil May 12, 2020

Automating tedious tasks is something we love to do. It saves time and lets you focus on other..

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New: Pages for your locations

By Suzan Dil May 11, 2020

Companies that have offices in different locations might be able to offer candidates different..