Product updates (4)

Product updates

New: Unbiased candidate screening 🏆

With our latest product release, we've made it possible for you to screen candidates without any risk of bias or prejudice. If you set any stage to...

Product updates

Improved notification settings 🎈

There's almost nothing better than getting a notification of a candidate messaging back, or a new application. Notifications are wonderful to get,...

Product updates

Dark mode in the mobile app 🖤

We're introducing dark mode to the Teamtailor mobile app. If your phone is set to dark mode in its general settings, the Teamtailor app will...

Product updates

New: Use Teamtailor in French

Bonjour! We are very excited to present this brand new update to you, which is a first ever for us. We can now offer our platform in French 🚀 

Product updates

New: Install Teamtailor on your computer

You can now use Teamtailor as an app on your computer. This will allow you to focus only on your recruitment without any distractions. The app...

Product updates

Add regions to your locations 🌎

Our latest feature makes it possible for you to add regions to your locations 🚀 Categorize them just as you like. Maybe you want to sort them in...

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