Why good employee onboarding should be a top priority

Creating a welcoming environment and good first impression for new starters is incredibly important – here are our top tips for employee onboarding!

Creating a welcoming environment and good first impression for new starters is incredibly important and can have long-lasting effects. Research shows that organisations with better employee onboarding see an 82% increase in new-hire retention and a 70% increase in productivity

So, what can you do to make the onboarding process as smooth and efficient as possible? Here are our top tips for employee onboarding:

Equipment and IT

A good first step is to liaise with your IT department and ensure they have prepared all the equipment and technology your new employee will need to get started. This may be laptop/desktop/work phone etc. Be sure to give the department plenty of notice and don’t leave it to the last minute! If you are mainly operating remotely you may have to arrange for equipment to be sent via courier service.

Accounts and logins

Again, work with IT and make sure that any necessary logins and accounts have been created for various platforms. These can be numerous so it can be a good idea to have a checklist so that nothing is missed. Take the time to provide the new employee with all necessary details and talk them through the various systems thoroughly.


This may not be essential depending on whether the employee will largely be working remotely. If they are coming into the office, make sure they have any furniture they need – such as desk and chair. And that there is adequate space for them in the first place of course.

Tour of the office

Similarly, this may not be possible or applicable, but if you’re able to show them around on their first day and introduce them to fellow employees in person, this can make a great first impression.

Regular check-ins

This may sound obvious, but it can be surprising how often this is missed in employee onboarding. Having regular check-ins with new starters to make sure they’re settling in ok is very important. If you leave them to their own devices and never ask how they’re doing this may leave them feeling abandoned and negatively shape their opinion of the company.

Buddy up

A new job and work environment can be a scary place. Assigning a ‘buddy’ who can show them the ropes and be a point of contact can be a great way to help them settle in. Try and make the buddy someone who they don’t work with directly to offer them a different perspective of the business.


New employee announcement

Let the rest of the company know! Sending round a quick email to let people know there will be a new starter can be a great way to make them feel welcome. Include an overview of their role (and any fun facts you may have from their interview) as well as a link to their LinkedIn profile so employees can connect with them.

Welcome email

The first day at a new job can be slightly daunting to say the least. Sending an informative welcome email with details of what to expect on the first day can go a long way and set their mind at rest.

Get creative

Never be afraid to get creative! Show them your company culture from the get-go – take them out for lunch, go for team drinks, send them a welcome pack of doughnuts before they start. Little touches can make a big difference and make employees feel valued. However you decide to conduct your employee onboarding, make sure it’s reflective of your company and culture and try to give them the best first impression possible!  


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