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Why you need to analyze Time to Hire

Time to Hire is the time it takes for you and your team to process a candidate that has applied or that has been sourced. It's an important KPI for you and your team when it comes to your recruitment process. 

Why should you measure Time to Hire? 

By measuring your Time to Hire, you'll make sure that you're able to see the entire process from the candidate's perspective. How long are your candidates waiting in Inbox? By making sure that they are staying in Inbox a short amount of time, you minimize the risk of them getting approached by competitors as they are waiting for you. Also, you're improving the candidate experience

Make sure you know: 

  • How long time each stage takes in your recruitment process. Could you make it more efficient? 
  • Where are candidates getting rejected and how long does it take for you to reject them? 
  • How long does it take for a candidate to get hired? 

Measuring this will make sure that you can improve your candidate's experience of your recruitment process. 

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Improve your metrics 

- Break down your Time to Hire for every  department, location and job. Are there specific jobs that need improvement? 

- Make sure you and your team always strive to keep your Inbox as clean as possible. Review candidates as they come in.

- Use triggers like Smart Move to move candidates ahead, based on their answers to your questions. That way you'll automate this step and improve your statistics. Smart!


Good luck with your Time to Hire and let us know if you have any questions! 🚀 


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