Working from home productively: Is it ok to wear pyjamas?

With many of us working from home at the moment, should we be working in our underwear/pyjamas/trackies? Or should we suck it up and just get dressed.

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty. From London to Auckland, from Stockholm to Washington we’ve all sat in a video meeting smug in the knowledge that just out of camera shot – it’s pants city. In fairness, this was not unheard of before the current pandemic, it’s just become more commonplace. Perhaps pants is a bit of an extreme example, but should we be working in our underwear/pyjamas/gym kit at home? Or should we be making the effort to suck it up and just get dressed.

What do chinos feel like again?

Urban legends of video interviews conducted in suit and tie on the top half and swimming shorts on the bottom have garnered our admiration (and possibly disgust) for years. The ultimate ‘smart casual’. As the weeks have turned into months, many of us have begun to forget what jeans felt like. The caress of a shoe that’s not a slipper. The sense of professionalism that only a shirt can provide. But is this slow descent into a life of comfort and lethargy a slippery slope?

Easy does it!

Generally speaking, you would never dream of rocking up to work sporting nothing but a pair of boxer shorts (one would hope…). But in this new limbo of remote working there are no immediate repercussions for doing so. However, in order to maintain a semblance of routine, finding ways to distinguish between ‘work time’ and free time can be very important.

For example, rolling straight out of bed and starting work in your pyjamas/Calvin Klein’s can make it difficult to transition from sleep mode and start your day productively. Having a morning routine, showering and changing into clothes that aren’t your PJ’s can be a great way to ease your way into your working day (and give your brain a chance to wake up!).


Choose your ‘Office’

Setting clear boundaries regarding your working area, break times and level of dress can be crucial. If you’re lucky enough to have an actual office at home, then this is most likely best suited for your 9-5 activity. However, most of us will seek out the least cluttered bedroom/sitting room/attic that still has adequate Wi-Fi signal. While changing up your working space every now and then can be a good idea, it can be equally beneficial to establish one room or area as your ‘office’. That way you know, when you’re at your ‘desk’ – it’s work time!

Take a break!

This point cannot be stressed enough – breaks are as important when working from home as they are in the office. They don’t have to be long (you are at work after all) but even 5/10 minutes every now and then to go and make a tea or coffee and stretch the legs is good! Try to make sure you take a proper lunch break and escape from your screen if you can. Go for a stroll or sit in the garden – weather permitting – rather than swapping your laptop screen for that of your phone or TV. Although we’re really not judging – sometimes a bit of cathartic PS4 at lunch is just what’s needed.  

Don’t stress

Whatever your current working from home routine (and state of dress), don’t stress about it too much. It’s very much a case of different strokes for different folks. Some will find it easier to be productive while chilling in their PJ’s, while others need the reassurance of a shirt and tie for motivation. Whichever camp you fall into, make sure it’s a system that works for you.

We’re hosting a webinar this Thursday – 28th May – on working remotely and how it is affecting businesses (and more importantly us as individuals!) If you’d like attend, please register here.

We hope to see you there!

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